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Auspicious Start in the Year of Ox


Dear colleagues,

Today is 7th day of first lunar month of the Year of Ox. I wish everyone an auspicious start for the year and may the seven stars shine brightly to guide you.

It is a new year and a new starting point again. For many people, the new year means fresh optimism and opportunities, as well as new resolution for personal and career goals. However, no matter how clear we set the goals for ourselves, the journey will be a bumpy one full of obstacles and challenges. It will be glorious if we can achieve our goals. However, even if we failed, our life will still be enriched and fulfilled by the hardship along the way, so there should be no regrets and we will still earn our respect.

I am now in UBI Tianjin, and my colleagues from UBI Tianjin will join me in wishing everyone:

An auspicious and bullish start for the Xin Chou Year of Ox, execute our grand plans with irresistible force and achieve greater success!


UBI Logistics Limited

Managing Director: Alex Zhao

18 February 2021