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Successful Promotion of UBI Smart Parcel @HKG & Shenzhen


We are very pleased to announce that UBI Smart Parcel has delivered very successful service seminars @Hong Kong & Shenzhen on 7th – 8th May, 2015.

Being the 1st logistics service provider who carries out API with eBay this year, UBI Smart Parcel, together with Australia Post, launched a brilliant joint promotion session of China – Australia service during the giant-sellers seminar held by eBay. By presenting the reliable & cost efficient China – Australia Service & detailed analysis to the strategic partnership between UBI & Australia Post, Ian Arnold, Head of Int’l Commercial Sales, Australia Post and Peter Giufre, Managing Director of UBI Australia , have not only greatly boosted the confidence of the present sellers to choose our product but also got widely praised by eBay as well as entire audience. Loads of giant-sellers have expressed their strong willingness to use our service to cater the demand of Australia consumers in order to enlarge their market share in Australia through fruitful post-seminar discussion with our Smart Parcel team members.

Right after the HKG seminar, UBI Smart Parcel held 2 separate Smart Parcel promotion sessions for e-sellers and logistics companies in Shenzhen with around 200 attendees in total. Apart from the VIPs from Australia Post, Misko Kancko, Head of Global Strategic Development, Canada Post, delivered a juicy & charming presentation by illustrating the status of e-Commerce business, the spending habits of Canadians as well as the detailed service specifications of the coming China – Canada service which jointly developed by UBI & Canada Post.

We strongly believe: With the help of concerted efforts contributed by the entire UBI Smart Parcel team, we will not only continuously deliver premium service to our valued clients, but also bring enormous value to UBI family by gaining ground in Cross Border e-Commerce Logistics Industry !